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BeikeShop v1.5.4 Update: Enhanced Features & Improved Stability for Cross-Border E-commerce!

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Recently, the brand-new free version of the BeikeShop system - BeikeShop v1.5.4 has been officially released with great excitement!


This version, while retaining BeikeShop's consistent stability and user-friendliness, has added, fixed, and optimized numerous features, providing cross-border sellers with a better experience in building cross-border e-commerce websites.

This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the content of this version update. Let's dive into the new features added in BeikeShop v1.5.4!



New in BeikeShop v1.5.4

In the BeikeShop v1.5.4 free version, we have added the following features:

1. File Manager Search

Sellers can easily search and manage image, GIF, video, and other material information, making file management more efficient.


2. "Buy Now" Added to Mobile Product Detail Page

Compared to the previous version's mobile page display, in this version of the H5 page, users can immediately purchase products and enter the checkout process on the mobile product detail page.

This will significantly increase the conversion rate of the mall's orders!


3. Product SKU Input Format Limitation

To ensure the accuracy and standardization of entering product SKU information, we have standardized the input format of the product SKU field. 

Currently, only numeric, alphanumeric, and "-" symbol formats are supported.


4. Double-Click Confirmation

In the process of uploading images for new product creation, we have innovatively introduced the function of double-clicking to confirm the selection of images.

Users can double-click to confirm the selection of images in the "File Manager," making the selected images become formal product display images, thus improving the efficiency of sellers in creating products.


5. Merge Guest Shopping Cart Items

When a guest registers as a user, the current shopping cart data is automatically merged into the account of the newly registered user.


6. NEW Hooks

This time, we have once again merged the hooks developed by developers and those newly added by us officially, further increasing the possibility of developing plugins.

Once again, we thank developers for their trust and support in BeikeShop.



in BeikeShop v1.5.4


1. Added "Unit" Prompt for Input Fields

Units symbols such as %/$/g have been added to provide users with clearer input prompts.

2. Optimized Three-Level Mode for Category Menu

ptimized the display mode of the product category menu, improving the efficiency of category management.


3. Optimization of File Manager's Rename Rule

For files with the same name, the naming method has been changed from the previous timestamp method to a numeric naming method.


4. Mobile Term Display Related

Optimized the display mode of terms on mobile phones, enhancing the browsing experience for users.


5. Shopping Cart SKU Data Association

Improved the association method of shopping cart SKU data, enhancing the accuracy and stability of the shopping cart data.



in BeikeShop v1.5.4


1. Login Prompt Box Displaying When Guest Checkout

Fixed the problem of abnormal display of the login prompt box when guests checkout, improving the smoothness of the user checkout process.


2. Issues Related to Guest Shopping Cart

Fixed potential issues related to the guest shopping cart to ensure a normal shopping experience for users.

BeikeShop v1.5.4 provides users with a more convenient and stable independent cross-border e-commerce system.


BeikeShop independent station is developed based on the Laravel framework, featuring rich functions such as multilingual support, multi-currency support, product management, order management, membership management, payment, logistics, and system management! 


At the same time, the system supports hundreds of plugins, with a rich application ecosystem! The system has strong scalability and is convenient for secondary development.

Helping you easily build an efficient, convenient, and stable e-commerce platform.


Upgrade your BeikeShop independent station system to v1.5.4 now! You can also choose to purchase our upgrade service to help you upgrade with just one click!


Want to learn more? Click the link to visit!

BeikeShop Official Website

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