BeikeShop 是基于 Laravel 开发的一款开源商城系统


BeikeShop: Next-Gen Open-Source E-commerce System Launched!

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With the vigorous development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the urgent need for global market expansion in Chinese manufacturing, the foreign trade industry remains a core engine for creating GDP in a large country.


Guangda Network Technology has been deeply involved in the cross-border e-commerce industry for a long time. After years of exploration and reflection, we have developed an open-source e-commerce system, BeikeShop, which better meets the needs of domestic enterprises going global.


BeikeShop, an open-source e-commerce system, is simple to use, has a great user experience, strong extensibility, and high performance, and is freely open to global users!



BeikeShop Origin & Story


In the first quarter of 2021, we conducted in-depth market research and tried numerous similar products. We found that the number of independent sellers in the cross-border e-commerce sector is increasing every year, and overseas sellers are eager for an easy-to-use independent station system for cross-border e-commerce.


During our research, we identified the following pain points in the cross-border independent station building industry:

1.Non-open-source website building software has opaque fees and secondary development costs, making it challenging for most sellers to trust and purchase.


2. Complexity in usage, difficulty in deploying, installing, and configuring the mall.


3. Redundant and unclear code, lacking simplicity and clarity, resulting in high maintenance costs.

4.Low performance, causing issues such as lagging and slow access during continuous operation.


5.Insufficient technical support from development teams.


We believe that a good cross-border independent station system must have the following characteristics:

1.Based on an excellent development framework—a good "seed" will yield excellent results.


2.All code is 100% open source—open source brings high security, low development costs, and high-quality benefits.


3.Powerful extensibility—the system is easy to modify and can quickly connect with surrounding systems.


4.The system can adapt to a broader market—good user experience and simple operation.


However, there are few products in the current open-source independent station mall field that completely meet these requirements. 


As a company with a mission to 'forge digital, intelligent enterprise management/marketing systems' and with over 8 years of expertise in the field of open-source cross-border e-commerce website building systems,

we believe it is essential to create a more user-friendly open-source cross-border e-commerce system!


A user-friendly, open-source, free, and seller-friendly independent e-commerce system for cross-border businesses!



BeikeShop Timeline


2018 ~ December 2020

Early market research, evaluate market and industry needs, determine product development direction.

March 8, 2021

Officially named the "Open-Source Cross-Border E-commerce Independent Station System" as BeikeShop.

April 2021 ~ August 2021

System design..

October 2021 ~ August 2022

Intensive system development...

August 31, 2022

BeikeShop System V1.0 released.




System Advantages


BeikeShop, as a user-friendly open-source cross-border e-commerce system, has many highlights. Let's introduce them one by one!


100% Open Source Core Code

A good open-source system must have 100% open-source core code; this is the foundation of everything. With real skills, dare to showcase them.

Developed with the Laravel

A globally recognized PHP web development framework, concise, elegant, and expressive.

Powerful Plugin Mechanism

The system's plugin functionality is set to be extremely powerful, making it easy to add plugins to achieve desired features and adapt to independent station operations worldwide.

Multiple Languages/Currencies

The system perfectly adapts to the cross-border foreign trade scenario; a mall can install multiple languages, allowing sellers to easily serve users from more regions.

Strict Adherence to MVC Architecture

A well-recognized system architecture with low coupling, high reusability, applicability, fast deployment efficiency, and lower maintenance costs, acknowledged by numerous developers.

Clear Code Layering

With 8 years of experience in open-source independent station development, we bring clear code logic and standardized open-source code formats.

Implementing Event Hooks for Functionality

Facilitates code modification, enhancing development efficiency significantly, making the system more extensible, and facilitating secondary development.

Beautiful Interface

Designed with the aesthetic of mainstream European and American independent stations, our UI aligns with buyer shopping habits. The mall features visual decoration capabilities, allowing sellers to easily customize their stores.

Simple System Operation/Easy to Use

Quickly go online without complex configuration rules; the system backend is clear and concise, making it quite friendly for operational personnel.


Want to learn more? Click the link to visit!

BeikeShop Official Website

↓Frontend Link↓

↓Backend Link↓

Username:     Password: demo


In conclusion, borrowing the words of Steve Jobs for inspiration:"Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice."--- Steve Jobs



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