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BeikeShop Unveils v1.2.0: Elevating Your Cross-Border E-commerce Experience!

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This time, we've made a significant leap from v1.1.2 to v1.2.0—BeikeShop has undergone a major transformation!


Most importantly, we have launched the BeikeShop Plugin Market. Users can now purchase, download, upload, and install plugins as needed.


In response to user feedback, we've focused on optimizing mobile compatibility, making it more convenient for administrators to manage the online store using their smartphones!


What is BeikeShop?


BeikeShop is a user-friendly open-source cross-border e-commerce system! 

It empowers sellers to swiftly establish their independent stations, facilitating the rapid creation of international websites. The system is entirely open-source, free, and available for commercial use!



v1.2.0 Update Features

Let's explore the features of the latest update as BeikeShop, the open-source cross-border e-commerce independent station, advances from v1.1.2 to v1.2.0:


New Features

1. Introducing the Plugin Marketing!

The Plugin Market welcomes developers to contribute. Developers can upload their plugins, and they will earn revenue when others purchase them!


2.Restructured the underlying calculation logic for delivery methods.




3.Added mobile-friendly H5 interface for backend management.


Fixed Issues

1. Fixed recalculation of shipping costs when delivery plugins are closed or uninstalled.


2. Fixed issues related to fixed shipping cost calculations.


3. Fixed the favicon display issue in the backend.


4. Fixed the problem where clicking on editor configuration links in the backend/homepage without links would redirect to the homepage.



1. Optimized the styling of product detail page images on mobile.


2. Optimized the display of main product SKU images on product listing and detail pages.


3. Optimized the hiding of modification status and updates for completed orders.


Want to learn more? Click the link to visit!

BeikeShop Official Website

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↓Backend Link↓

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