BeikeShop - 开源跨境电商系统 | Laravel开源商城系统

BeikeShop 是基于 Laravel 开发的一款开源商城系统


BeikeShop v1.4.2 License version 2023-11-30

Update Description

  • Feature Added a hook to implement tiered pricing for single specifications.
  • Feature Added hooks and stacks to control SKU display modes.
  • Feature Home Article module
  • Bugfix Issue with H5 news list not displaying images.
  • Bugfix Issue where saving a product clears the brand.
  • Bugfix Calculation error in the mini cart for prices.
  • Bugfix Sorting issue by price on the category page.
  • Bugfix Problem where filtering orders redirects to the recycle bin.
  • Optimize Plugin market text.
  • Optimize File manager adaptation for multiple sellers.
  • Optimize Checkout interaction.
BeikeShop v1.0.2 2022-09-09
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Update Description

  • Bugfix Fixed issues related to demo data during installation
  • Bugfix Fixed redirection errors during Nginx installation
  • Bugfix Fixed errors when modifying personal information on the front-end
  • Bugfix Fixed the multilingual display in the confirm box for deleting tax categories
  • Bugfix Fixed full-screen failure when switching slides
  • Bugfix Fixed issues with order product SKUs
  • Bugfix Fixed issues with multiple product specifications in the back-end
  • Bugfix Fixed issues related to back-end users and user groups
  • Bugfix Fixed RMA-related issues
  • Optimize Optimized the refreshing of pages when updating after-sales orders
  • Optimize Optimized the multilingual support for the file manager and error messages
BeikeShop v1.0.1 2022-09-08
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Update Description

  • Feature Added functionality to configure the top navigation menu from the back-end
  • Bugfix Fixed problems with shipping calculation, tax calculation, and other checkout-related issues
  • Bugfix Fixed errors during the installation process and improved error messages
  • Bugfix Fixed issues related to multilingual support in both the front-end and back-end
  • Optimize Implemented responsive UI for mobile devices
BeikeShop v1.0.0 2022-08-31
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Update Description

  • Feature Back-end - member management, order management, plugin management, front-end customer management, back-end user and permissions, image library functionality
  • Feature Back-end - dashboard reports, product management, category management, brand management
  • Feature Front-end - registration, login, user center, address management, orders, favorites, after-sales functions
  • Feature Front-end - DIY homepage, category page product list, product details, shopping cart, checkout
  • Feature Installation - system environment detection, database configuration, demo data import
  • Feature Architecture - basic structure, theme templates, plugin mechanism, hook mechanism

Correct Installation Procedure

Installation Tutorial (For Non-Developers)

1. Download BeikeShop

2. Upload to your server and unzip

3. Set the \"public\" folder under the extracted directory as the website root

4. Access the website via a web browser and follow the prompts to complete the installation

5. BeikeShop Detailed Installation Guide

6. To upgrade, download the latest version and overwrite it on the server (be sure to keep the original .env file), then run \"php artisan migrate\" in the website root directory

Installation Tutorial (For Developers)

1. Clone the code using a command line: git clone

2. Navigate to the \"beikeshop\" directory using the command line and execute \"composer install\" to install third-party packages

3. Next, execute \"cp .env.example .env\" to create a configuration file

4. Subsequently, execute \"npm install\" (requires Node.js version 16+) and \"npm run prod\" to compile frontend JS and CSS files

5. Set the \"public\" folder under the project directory as the website root

6. Access the website via a web browser and follow the prompts to complete the installation

7. For upgrades, run \"git pull && composer install && php artisan migrate\" in the website root directory on the server

Docker Installation

1. Install Docker and Compose locally or on your server

2. Execute \"git clone\"

3. Create a new folder \"www\" in the current directory as the website directory: mkdir www

4. In the \"docker\" directory, create a configuration file based on the template file: cp env.example .env

5. Modify .env and docker-compose as needed, then execute \"docker compose up -d\"

Environmental Requirements

1. PHP 8.0+

2. MySQL 5.7+

3. Apache httpd 2.4+ or Nginx 1.10+

PHP Components

1. BCMath PHP Extension

2. Ctype PHP Extension

3. cURL PHP Extension

4. DOM PHP Extension

5. Fileinfo PHP Extension

6. JSON PHP Extension

7. Mbstring PHP Extension

8. OpenSSL PHP Extension

9. PCRE PHP Extension

10. PDO PHP Extension

11. Tokenizer PHP Extension

12. XML PHP Extension

Copyright Notice:

1. The copyright for this system belongs to Chengdu Grand Network Technology Co., Ltd.

2. No individual, entity, or organization may sell, rent, or profit from this system and its derivatives without written permission from our company.

3. Please retain our company's copyright information. To remove it, you need authorization from our company.


1. Risk Disclaimer: The use and installation of the BeikeShop system are at your own discretion. We are not responsible for any losses, damages, or legal liabilities that may result from using this system.

2. Legal Compliance: When using this website building system, you agree not to engage in any illegal, infringing, or law-violating business activities. We are not responsible for your business activities.

3. Data Loss: Although we have taken reasonable security measures, there is still a risk of information transmission loss. We are not responsible for data loss.

4. Hacker Attacks: Despite taking reasonable security measures, the risk of hacker attacks still exists. We are not responsible for security incidents caused by hacker attacks.