BeikeShop - 开源跨境电商系统 | Laravel开源商城系统

BeikeShop 是基于 Laravel 开发的一款开源商城系统


BeikeShop v1.4.2 License version 2023-11-30

Update Description

  • Feature Added a hook to implement tiered pricing for single specifications.
  • Feature Added hooks and stacks to control SKU display modes.
  • Feature Home Article module
  • Bugfix Issue with H5 news list not displaying images.
  • Bugfix Issue where saving a product clears the brand.
  • Bugfix Calculation error in the mini cart for prices.
  • Bugfix Sorting issue by price on the category page.
  • Bugfix Problem where filtering orders redirects to the recycle bin.
  • Optimize Plugin market text.
  • Optimize File manager adaptation for multiple sellers.
  • Optimize Checkout interaction.
BeikeShop v1.3.4 2023-03-17
Download ( Downloaded 1703 time )

Update Description

  • Feature Added support for entering your own key and added OpenAI permission settings
  • Feature Added hooks for order details page, product editing, and categories, brands, articles, and article categories related to products
  • Feature Refactored URL generation rules to fit plugin modifications to URL generation
  • Feature Homepage modules now support plugins and a new hot-selling module plugin has been added
  • Feature Added support for multi-language in the backend form rich text component
  • Feature Added support for multi-language in the backend form input box component
  • Feature Added support for multiple selection boxes in the backend form input component
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue where the installation would fail if the database password contained "#" character
  • Bugfix Fixed inventory issues where an order could be placed successfully when the total number of items in the cart exceeded the inventory
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue with order status not displaying correctly on the order details page in the user center
  • Bugfix Fixed the description for plugins in the plugin market
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue with guest checkout and ordering
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue with pagination not working in the plugin market
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue with creating customer groups repeatedly
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue where the product price was not displayed on the product list page
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue with tax fees for guest checkout
  • Bugfix Fixed the issue with products being deleted and moved to the recycle bin
  • Optimize Optimized the UI for displaying subcategories on the category page
  • Optimize Improved plugin permission settings
  • Optimize Optimized the 403 error page
  • Optimize Improved role terminology
  • Optimize Upgraded third-party packages to the latest version
  • Optimize Sorted products by input product ID
  • Optimize Added corresponding domain name attributes and attribute group data when installing a new language
  • Optimize Plugins can now read static files
  • Optimize Added plugin permissions in the permission management
BeikeShop v1.3.2 2023-03-01
Download ( Downloaded 1494 time )

Update Description

  • Feature Integrated OpenAI plugin to support intelligent conversations in the admin panel
  • Feature Added automatic currency exchange rate updates and display in the backend currency list
  • Feature Added hooks for payment process, backend customer management, registration, login, etc
  • Feature Debugbar now shows all hook calls on the current page for easier development
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with displaying multiple languages in the backend plugins
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue where selecting a tax class in the backend product settings couldn't be reverted
  • Bugfix Optimized the "404" page to display a link to go back to the previous step
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with image width exceeding the limit in blog posts
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with the "APP_FORCE_HTTPS" setting being ineffective
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with disabling categories
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with displaying subcategories on the frontend
  • Bugfix Optimized bulk modification of specifications
  • Bugfix Enabled frontend validation for saving product details page
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with Chinese character filtering in the backend causing garbled characters
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with guest checkout losing address country information
  • Optimize Improved permissions for category articles
  • Optimize Improved permissions for attributes and attribute groups
  • Optimize Set the default language to Chinese on the installation interface
  • Optimize Optimized backend callback URLs for third-party login
  • Optimize Added multi-language support and UI optimization for attribute, product management, and customer list
  • Optimize Improved the deletion of search text corresponding to ID in the autocomplete feature
  • Optimize Removed CSRF token verification in callback, which can be used for payment callbacks
  • Optimize Added support for editing the delivery information of orders in the admin panel after it has been added
  • Optimize Supported password reset through "php artisan root:password" command
BeikeShop v1.3.0 2023-02-10
Download ( Downloaded 1247 time )

Update Description

  • Feature Added membership group discount functionality
  • Feature Implemented features related to news blogs and article categorization
  • Feature Introduced template hook functionality (hook and wrapper hook) to support plugin-based template modifications
  • Feature Enabled customization of middleware by plugins
  • Feature Provided support for complete rewriting of system routes and corresponding controllers by plugins
  • Feature Introduced frontend and backend data hooks, as well as process hooks for plugins
  • Feature Enabled plugins to modify the order status machine process
  • Feature Supported multi-language plugin names and descriptions in the backend
  • Feature Implemented backend version update notifications
  • Feature Added a richtext component to the backend
  • Feature Enabled bulk setting of multiple specifications for product details in the backend
  • Feature Added product module and icon link module to the homepage modules
  • Bugfix Fixed the product autocomplete search keyword to use the "contains" condition
  • Bugfix Resolved the issue related to page navigation after selecting the number of items per page on the frontend
  • Bugfix Corrected the suggested size error for the "four images in a row" module
  • Bugfix Improved the UI of the shopping cart page
  • Bugfix Fixed third-party login plugin issues after modifying the backend directory
  • Bugfix Removed the restriction on the length of the Stripe key
  • Bugfix Fixed backend HTML encoding issue in settings
  • Optimize Optimized the Comment database table
  • Optimize Enhanced the display of deleted images on the page in the footer copyright information editing
  • Optimize Improved the UI of the brand list
  • Optimize Removed category quantity limits on the filtering page
  • Optimize If the original price is 0 or the same as the selling price, the strikethrough price will not be displayed
  • Optimize Optimized the frontend route format for plugins
  • Optimize Removed remote access from the PayPal constructor to improve routing performance
  • Optimize Optimized backend order management, product management, and customer management list filtering, etc
  • Optimize Unified hook naming conventions (filter, action, blade)
  • Optimize Automated template option retrieval in the black template demo in the backend
BeikeShop v1.2.8 2023-01-13
Download ( Downloaded 1448 time )

Update Description

  • Feature Added hooks for checkout page, order submission, order details, and plugin editing
  • Feature Backend plugin installation now automatically executes database migration (db migrate)
  • Feature Added guest checkout functionality
  • Feature Added the product attribute function
  • Feature Added related products functionality.
  • Feature Support for setting TDK (Title, Description, Keywords) for products and categories
  • Feature Added product filtering functionality on category pages
  • Bugfix Fixed issues related to emails
  • Bugfix Resolved problem with selecting uninstalled languages in the backend
  • Bugfix Fixed plugin marketplace and plugin address issues on the list page
  • Bugfix Rectified default shipping cost issues
  • Bugfix Fixed errors in backend product editing
  • Bugfix Addressed memory shortage caused by oversized images
  • Bugfix Resolved the problem of third-party logins not returning email addresses
  • Optimize Optimized performance of backend image manager to support over 10,000 images in a single directory
  • Optimize Adopted Pint's Laravel standard code formatting
  • Optimize Enhanced backend customer recycle bin functionality
  • Optimize Improved order details and checkout page extension codes for self-pickup plugins, etc
  • Optimize Loaded frontend theme template paths for decoration preview
  • Optimize Optimized UI for navigation menu, 404 pages, product detail pages, and more
  • Optimize Brand page group sorting feature
  • Optimize Optimized backend system settings such as mandatory courier company requirements
  • Optimize Upgraded nette/schema to be compatible with PHP 8.2
  • Optimize Rearranged backend customer listing in reverse order
  • Optimize After-sales requests now automatically retrieve the phone number from the order
  • Optimize If an order has already been paid on the order payment page, it will redirect to the order details page
BeikeShop v1.2.5 2022-12-26
Download ( Downloaded 671 time )

Update Description

  • Feature Added support for configuring the number of products displayed per page in the backend
  • Feature Added functionality to configure statistics code in the backend
  • Feature Added a new backend order fulfillment process
  • Feature Added country association ID to orders
  • Feature Added email functionality for new user registration, password recovery, new orders, and order status updates. Supports queue-based sending
  • Bugfix Fixed an error that occurred when selecting a delivery plugin during checkout
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with navigation menu display on small screens (excluding mobile devices) when there are too many configured columns
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with the file manager where the content area on the right side was not cleared after creating a new folder
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with SKU image switching on mobile devices
  • Optimize Optimized performance issues on category pages, brand pages, and search pages when dealing with large amounts of SKU data (over 50,000)
  • Optimize Added indexes and optimized the performance of retrieving individual product names
  • Optimize On the backend login page, the entered account and password are now retained when there is an error in password input. Also improved the error UI
  • Optimize Optimized third-party login using Laravel\Socialite
  • Optimize The product modules on the homepage now follow the product sorting set in the backend
  • Optimize The file manager now sorts files in reverse chronological order, with newly uploaded files appearing first

Correct Installation Procedure

Installation Tutorial (For Non-Developers)

1. Download BeikeShop

2. Upload to your server and unzip

3. Set the \"public\" folder under the extracted directory as the website root

4. Access the website via a web browser and follow the prompts to complete the installation

5. BeikeShop Detailed Installation Guide

6. To upgrade, download the latest version and overwrite it on the server (be sure to keep the original .env file), then run \"php artisan migrate\" in the website root directory

Installation Tutorial (For Developers)

1. Clone the code using a command line: git clone

2. Navigate to the \"beikeshop\" directory using the command line and execute \"composer install\" to install third-party packages

3. Next, execute \"cp .env.example .env\" to create a configuration file

4. Subsequently, execute \"npm install\" (requires Node.js version 16+) and \"npm run prod\" to compile frontend JS and CSS files

5. Set the \"public\" folder under the project directory as the website root

6. Access the website via a web browser and follow the prompts to complete the installation

7. For upgrades, run \"git pull && composer install && php artisan migrate\" in the website root directory on the server

Docker Installation

1. Install Docker and Compose locally or on your server

2. Execute \"git clone\"

3. Create a new folder \"www\" in the current directory as the website directory: mkdir www

4. In the \"docker\" directory, create a configuration file based on the template file: cp env.example .env

5. Modify .env and docker-compose as needed, then execute \"docker compose up -d\"

Environmental Requirements

1. PHP 8.0+

2. MySQL 5.7+

3. Apache httpd 2.4+ or Nginx 1.10+

PHP Components

1. BCMath PHP Extension

2. Ctype PHP Extension

3. cURL PHP Extension

4. DOM PHP Extension

5. Fileinfo PHP Extension

6. JSON PHP Extension

7. Mbstring PHP Extension

8. OpenSSL PHP Extension

9. PCRE PHP Extension

10. PDO PHP Extension

11. Tokenizer PHP Extension

12. XML PHP Extension

Copyright Notice:

1. The copyright for this system belongs to Chengdu Grand Network Technology Co., Ltd.

2. No individual, entity, or organization may sell, rent, or profit from this system and its derivatives without written permission from our company.

3. Please retain our company's copyright information. To remove it, you need authorization from our company.


1. Risk Disclaimer: The use and installation of the BeikeShop system are at your own discretion. We are not responsible for any losses, damages, or legal liabilities that may result from using this system.

2. Legal Compliance: When using this website building system, you agree not to engage in any illegal, infringing, or law-violating business activities. We are not responsible for your business activities.

3. Data Loss: Although we have taken reasonable security measures, there is still a risk of information transmission loss. We are not responsible for data loss.

4. Hacker Attacks: Despite taking reasonable security measures, the risk of hacker attacks still exists. We are not responsible for security incidents caused by hacker attacks.