Account balance

Last Update:2024-02-27 17:29:57
¥800.00 ¥980.00
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Plugin Purchase Process
Access your BeikeShop admin dashboard
Click on "Plugin Marketplace" in the top right corner
Select the desired plugin for purchase
Click on Purchase
Plugin Description

Plug-in function introduction:

     1. After installing the plug-in, the "Credit Balance" function is added, and the balance can be added to customers in the background;

     2. When customers check out, they can use their remaining balance to deduct the order amount;

     3. Customers can withdraw their account balances, and the customer’s withdrawal application is processed in the background;

     4. In the personal center at the front desk, you can see the balance details and running records.


Plug-in usage instructions & preview:

1. After the plug-in is installed and activated, you can see that "Credit Balance" and "Withdrawals" have been added under the "Customer" menu.

2. Click the "Customer Balance" menu in the picture above and click "Add" to add a balance for the customer, as shown below:

3. Click the menu "Withdrawals", you can see the withdrawal application initiated by the customer from the front desk, and process the customer application. As shown below:

4. Customers can use their remaining balance for deduction when shopping at the front desk, as shown below:

5. Customers can also initiate a withdrawal of balance in the personal center, as shown below: Click the "Withdraw" button to apply for withdrawal, as shown below: